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25-Jun-2018Canada International Conference on Education (CICE-2018) Toronto Canada
26-Jun-2017Canada International Conference on Education (CICE-2017) Mississauga Canada
27-Jun-2016Canada International Conference on Education (CICE-2016) University of Toronto Mississauga Canada
01-Feb-2016Webinar on Sterilization Processes: The Methods, Parameters and Deficiencies Often Cited Mississauga Canada
04-Aug-2015Webinar On HIPAA and Business Associates Mississauga Canada
29-Jul-2015Webinar On Understanding the FDA’s Quality System Regulation, 21 CFR, Part 820 Mississauga Canada
28-Jul-2015Webinar On FDA Inspection and Medical Device Design Control Mississauga Canada
27-Jul-2015Application of Lean Six Sigma Methodology Mississauga Canada
22-Jul-2015Webinar On Pharmaceutical Quality Management System Mississauga Canada
22-Jul-2015Webinar On 9 Required Elements of Design Control System Mississauga Canada
21-Jul-2015Webinar On Process Capability vs Process Performance - Understanding the Practical Difference Mississauga Canada
21-Jul-2015Webinar On HIPAA and Home Health Care Mississauga Canada
20-Jul-2015Webinar On FDA Audit Practices and the 10 Most Common Cited GMP Deficiencies Mississauga Canada
17-Jul-2015Webinar On Best Practices for Communicating and Interacting with FDA Reviewers Mississauga Canada
16-Jul-2015Webinar On Validation of Analytical Methods according to the New FDA Guidance Mississauga Canada
15-Jul-2015Webinar On Selecting Right Statistical Tools to Solve Problems Mississauga Canada
15-Jul-2015Webinar On Developing a Quality Management System Mississauga Canada
14-Jul-2015Webinar On OSHA and the Medical Practice Mississauga Canada
13-Jul-2015Webinar On Virtual Teams - Management and Compliance Considerations Mississauga Canada
13-Jul-2015Webinar On Quality Control for Microbiological Media and Reagents Mississauga Canada
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