Leadership Conferences Worldwide:

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23-Jul-201810th International Conference on Studies in Education, Business, Economics and Interdisciplinary Studies Kuala Lumpur
15-Jul-2018World Congress on Education (WCE-2018) Dublin
14-Jun-201816th International Conference on Law, Business, Gender and Interdisciplinary Studies Cebu
12-Jun-201814th International Conference on Language, Literature, Education and Interdisciplinary Studies Manila
11-Dec-2017London International Conference on Education (LICE-2017) Cambridge
03-Aug-201712th International Conference on English Literature, Psychology, Humanities and Social Sciences ELPHSS-2017 Pattaya
28-Jun-2016How to protect an organization against unionization - By Compliance Global Inc New Hyde Park
12-Nov-2015Leadership Intelligence: How to Use Your Power and Influence Effectively - By Compliance Global Inc. New Hyde Park
12-Nov-2015Transition to a New Role - By Compliance Global Inc. New Hyde Park
14-Jul-2015Virtual Teams, Distributed Teams: Methods for Managing People at Multiple Locations from a Distance - By Compliance Global Inc. New Hyde Park
19-Jun-2014Leading in a VUCA World - Webinar by TrainHR Fremont
17-Jun-2014Relationships Matter - Six Tools to help you Build Respect, Trust and Integrity - Webinar by TrainHR Fremont
11-Jun-2014From Forming to Performing - The Top 10 Ways to Develop A Managing "Rhythm" That Works For You and Your Team (HRCI - PHR/SPHR Certified) - Webinar by TrainHR Fremont
28-Mar-2013Research Conference on Innovative Business Strategies Pune
30-Nov--0001Facilitating Virtual Team Meetings - Webinar by TrainHR Fremont
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